A few interesting items featuring our ancestors

Below are a few Dragoo photos or items that caught our eye [all photos or images are the property of the person who submitted them]:

Carol Tapanila is great granddaughter of Orloff Field and Mary (Molly) Dragoo. In August, she traveled to Lodgepole, S.D. to see the unique two-story ‘soddy’ built by them [see 1989 article about the soddy which was designated a U.S. historical site]. Carol reports that unfortunately the ‘soddy’ is going back to nature, as the State of South Dakota does not have funds for upkeep. The last family member taking care of it is now in a nursing home in Hettinger, North Dakota. Carol has photos that she took while there if anyone is interested in receiving one or more of them. Please email her at: caroltapanila@shaw.ca.

Carol Tapanila
(a daughter of Charlotte Barker, who was a daughter of Amanda Warner, who was a daughter of Orloff and Molly Dragoo)
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Pictured are the three sons and husband of Pearl Dragoo Galley [born February 26, 1869 in Indiana; died January 24, 1942 in McCloud, California] with the catch of the day in the vicinity of McCloud California, circa 1920.  From right to left:  Pearl's husband George Lincoln Galley, her three sons George Earl Galley; Clyde Roy Galley; and Carroll "Kelly" William.   The two young men on the far left are unidentified. 


Monument erected by the D.A.R. near Ripley, Ohio honoring Belteshazzar Dragoo--an early settler of  Brown County and a soldier in the Revolutionary War.