Dragoo Family Association Volunteers

The Dragoo Family Association has a dedicated group of volunteers at the helm--they devote many hours to keep things operating smoothly. Below are their names and volunteer position with the DFA, their mailing address, and a link to their email (librarians are not clickable links; copy and paste email into your email program).  Drop them a line--they love fan mail.

Alan Dragoo, President

Darlene LeCureux, Vice President

Abby Fenton, Secretary

Deborah Trask, Treasurer
or Deborah's alternate email address

Betty Smallen, Newsletter Editor

Laura Shea, Computer Historian

Carolyn Kimberlin, Membership Coordinator

Laurie Sheriff, Web Person


Library Research Assistants

Line 1: Peter Dragoo and Margaret McCafferty (all descendants to date are descended from
Frederick Draggoo and Martha Angel)
Librarian - Darlene LeCureux dfaquiltqueen@gmail.com

Line 2: William Dragoo and Temperance Dickerson
Librarian - Betty Smallen 3srbabc@cox.net

Line 3: John Dragoo and Elizabeth Straight (first wife) &
John Dragoo and Ann Prickett (second wife)
Librarian - Fern Wilcox iamfernie22@yahoo.com

Line 4: Ephraim Dragoo and wife Ann (no members from this line)

Line 5: Elizabeth Dragoo & Jacob Straight
Librarian - Fern Wilcox iamfernie22@yahoo.com

Line 6: Belteshazzar Dragoo and Martha Butler
Librarian - Doug Carlson drcarlson1111@gmail.com

Line 7: Mary Dragoo (twin to Belteshazzar) and John Joliffe;
Mary Dragoo and second husband John Steed
Librarian - Laura M. Shea dancingrainbow@comcast.net

Line 8: Littler Line- Margrietje Dragoo
Margrietje was the daughter of Pierre Dragaud and Lyzbeth Guyon
Librarian - Laura Shea dancingrainbow@comcast.net

Line 9: VanPelt line - Maria Dragoo and Teunis Van Pelt
Early Dragaud Families
Librarian - Laura Shea dancingrainbow@comcast.net

Line 10: Early Dragaud history from France, England and into America
Librarian - Laura Shea dancingrainbow@comcast.net




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